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Do you need help with your FreeCast account?

3 Most Common Support/Help Answers (See Below)

1- If You Are Experiencing Registration or Login Difficulty, and getting a "white - oauth token" page, Please Type into your browser url bar...members.freecast.com This should clear any log in errors and allow you into the freecast members area.

2- If You Have Tried to Log into Freecast with Your Social Media ID such as; FaceBook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and failed, this is likely due to incorrect or forgotten ID. You can either confirm your Social Media ID with that provider. Otherwise You must sign up directly with Freecast, but remember Do Not Use the same email you are using with Social Media ID or it will not allow you to enter, due to security conflict.

3- If you are experiencing Video Streaming Difficulty, your Country's bandwidth Provider may Be Blocking your IP for access to Live Programming. To determine this and your options Click Here.

FreeCast.com is a Guide. Video Streams/Content originate, are managed by, and are the sole responsibility of the network providers.

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