Facebook has been a critical part of our lives, helping us interact with family members, reconnect with friends from our youth, and reach customers in new and exciting ways. However, Facebookers are increasingly using the site as a bouncing-off point for some of the other things they do throughout the day. Here are 15 of the most useful and fun Facebook apps that can entertain you, help you be more productive, and improve your interactions.
What were you doing three years ago on this very date? Timehop is a fun app that displays random Facebook photos posted by a user on the same day throughout your history on the site. You can then choose to add that photo to your timeline to reminisce with friends.
Rabbit TV Lite
If you enjoy watching TV shows and movies online, you’ll love this app, which lets you watch more than 400 different channels directly within Facebook. Rabbit TV connects your existing video libraries and brings dozens of free ones into one easy Facebook app.

Pinterest Page Tab
Using separate social media apps can be time consuming. With this feature, Pinterest users can show off their boards to their Facebook friends.
HUGECITY/TimeOut World
One of the most valuable aspects of Facebook is the ability to connect with others. With HUGECITY, you can learn about nearby events to meet up with those friends in person.
Facebook Messenger
If you message directly with your Facebook friends, you likely already have the Messenger app, which Facebook pushed out as a requirement in 2014.
Online dating has gone social. With this popular feature, Facebookers can combine their Facebook and Tinder accounts. If they’d like to keep Tinder separate, they can do that, as well.
On This Day
Not one to miss out on the action, Facebook has come up with its own version of Timehop, which lets users relive status updates from the same date in the past.

Badoo has been a popular social media-style dating app for a while, but now it incorporates with Facebook to let users find other Facebookers who match their interests and location.
Causes aims to make a difference through Facebook, connecting members with others who share their passions. As a group, they can then get the word out about events and issues.

Candy Crush Saga
The Candy Crush suite of games have become legendary in the industry, addicting people of all ages. The Candy Crush Saga Facebook app lets users play the game directly on Facebook.
This popular travel site helps travelers find the best accommodations, flights, and restaurants across the globe. Facebook interaction lets you share your travel plans and experiences with friends.
Still photos can often fall shot of conveying the true emotion behind an event. Flipagram lets you display a group of photos as a slideshow, set to music.

Do you have a question you want to ask your Facebook friends and followers? SurveyMonkey can help. Create a survey and post it on your newsfeed, than wait for the responses to roll in.
ReverbNation Band Profile
Although musicians are encouraged to use sites like MySpace and SoundCloud to promote their work, this app lets you tell the world about your band directly through Facebook.
If you’re a cinephile, you’ll love this app, which lets you watch your UltraViolet movies, add movie reviews, and create a want-to-see list that everyone can see on your timeline.
Facebook is still the most popular social media app, serving as the focal point for many users’ online interactions each day. These apps let users do everything they enjoy doing, directly within the Facebook interface, saving time and adding convenience.
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