Aiming to fulfil what it believes is an age-old consumer wish to break the bundle and pick and pay for individual channels, FreeCast has unveiled its SelectTV à la carte TV strategy.

FreeCast’s core Cloud Entertainment Platform manages over two million pieces of content globally, and facilitates consumer access to free and ad-supported streaming content, premium video-on-demand (VOD) services, pay-per-view shows and movies, and virtual pay-TV skinny bundles through SelectTV. These services, the company says, will be joined, not replaced, by à  la carte television channels delivering entertainment choices to consumers on all their devices.
By utilising the Cloud Entertainment Platform, FreeCast believes that channel providers can bypass investment in costly infrastructure, development and marketing of their own consumer packages to offset declining cable revenues. FreeCast expects that most channels can be offered à  la carte for three to five times their current local cable and satellite retrans fees.
“[We have] always been à  la carte TV, more than three years now we’ve been preaching it.” commented FreeCast CEO William Mobley explaining the move. “Currently, our subscribers build their own personal TV packages to match their tastes and budgets, starting with a robust selection of content for $3 a month, plus whatever streaming services, skinny bundles or pay-per-view content they want on top of that. But the calls for à  la carte continue; not every consumer wants to manage all these standalone services. So, we’re working with the networks to make what consumers want a reality: pick and pay for your favourite cable channels, and get it all on one monthly bill.”
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