November 2014

FreeCast Products

Pay TV is not a Utility


The price of pay TV rises faster than both household incomes and inflation, yet consumers keep paying up, with many feeling helpless to control the prices. This largely has to do with consumers understanding of the pay TV product, or perhaps rather a lack of...

Broadcasting & Cable

Stakeholders Weigh In on President’s Title II Stand


Reaction was swift Monday to the President's call for reclassifying Internet Access under Title II. CTIA – The Wireless Association called it a "gross overreaction," Verizon called it a "gratuitous" and "radical" reversal, while Title II proponents were celebrating. “Today, the Obama Administration expanded its leadership to promote an open...


The companies lobbying furiously against strong net neutrality, in one chart


      <img alt="Net neutrality lobbying chart" src="//"> This week, President Obama proposed to reclassify the regulatory status of broadband to protect network neutrality — the idea that all companies should treat internet traffic equally. The lobbying on the issue has been fierce and longstanding. But according to...