Web and mobile continue to be the platforms that get all the buzz, but when it comes to advertising dollars, traditional media continues to rule the roost.
Strategy Analytics has published its latest figures for advertising spend in the U.S., and in an overall pot that it estimates at nearly $187 billion, digital will account for just under 30% of that — 28%, or $52.8 billion, to be exact, putting it nearly $30 billion behind TV ad spending. However, growing at a rate of 13% this year, and up 2.5% on 2014’s share, digital remains the fastest-growing of any category.
TV, meanwhile, will account for the single biggest share of ad spend in 2015, with 42% of spend, or nearly $79 billion. That is down -0.6% on 2014. Print, in third place for ad spend after digital, will account for 15%, or $28 billion, of ad spend. Paper-based ads will be the only category to decline this year, write the analysts. It’s also down 1.8% on 2014.
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