In a recent report on Bloomberg TV Jeffrey Hayzlett shared his thoughts and plans to take advantage of the opportunity that OTT allows for content producers in his upcoming announcement he plans to make at NAB.  He will be among the thousands of content creators we are looking forward to partnering with at the show next month.

OTT is the open door solution for the next generation of content producers who are shut out of the cable and network programming agendas.  From our perspective at FreeCast we are happy to see more people realize that the restrictions are part of an out-dated model. Consumers want a complete library of content, not just the preferred options that cable executives and advertisers decide is worth broadcasting. The creation of  video platforms in the past ten years have established that video is consumed online with the same if not more credibility to that of cable television programs. So instead of the content producer having to jump through the hoops and red tap they can turn to solutions such as Rabbit TV that will allow them to test the value of there content with their audience and also with the advertisers. This type of offering will continue to open the free market stance that we value so much at FreeCast.