Last night was another record night for FreeCast as we joined the rest of America in enjoying the magic of the GRAMMYs. It was a delight to bring our many users the chance to watch the day’s GRAMMY celebrations and events live via Facebook courtesy of GRAMMY LIVE! And CBS, and throughout the course of the day we received thousands of registrations from music fans all around the country who wanted to join in on the party.
What many viewers don’t know is that the actual GRAMMY award ceremony begins well before the live television coverage, so the majority of the night’s awards are given off-camera, with more of the broadcast’s emphasis being put on the live performances. But thanks to the live stream provided by CBS and the GRAMMYs, this year’s viewers got the privilege of seeing behind the curtain and getting a more complete GRAMMY experience. It was great to see all of the awards and interviews we usually miss via the online broadcast, and this is why we were so excited to give Facebook users a behind-the-scenes look into the action with the Freecast app.
Although we were happy to bring our users the extra screen during the night’s events and the alternate coverage of the earlier awards presentations, unfortunately some media outlets and blogs may have misled the public as to the nature of the GRAMMY LIVE! coverage. At no point did CBS or the GRAMMYs insinuate that the online coverage would broadcast the official television ceremony, but this is what some internet users had come to believe based on what they had read on certain online news outlets.
We at FreeCast hope that this confusion wasn’t what drove people to register at our site, as we made it clear that GRAMMY LIVE! would provide alternative coverage only, which in this editor’s opinion was more about the actual GRAMMY awards than the live performances shown later on TV.
With that said, we’d like to thank everyone who joined us for last night’s coverage, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!