Did you know that big-box retailer Target had their own video-on-demand marketplace? If not, no need to worry, after March 7th, they won’t anymore. The company has announced that Target Ticket is shutting down. Following in the footsteps of competitor Walmart whose Vudu video service has been successful, Target launched Target Ticket in 2013, though unlike Vudu, it never quite took off with consumers, many of whom did not know such a service existed.
Target’s tale proves once again that despite the explosive growth of the online video space, just throwing up a digital storefront does not ensure success. Putting content online is easy, but with thousands of online video sources, connecting a large enough audience with the content they want to watch can be quite difficult for a company going it alone in an unfamiliar industry. Walmart purchased Vudu as a startup, and the brand’s reputation as one of the cheapest places to get a wide variety of products, both in stores and online, has helped lift the service. Target on the other hand, has largely failed to convert its in-store shoppers into online content buyers.