When it comes to web video, the media tends to focus on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other big names. But an unsung hero exists in video gameplay streaming website Twitch, which rose to prominence last year by drawing large offers from both Google and Amazon, to which the site was eventually sold for nearly $1 billion. Since then, the industry has begun to see video game-based streaming sites hills with potential gold in them.
Gaming Live is the latest challenger in this growing space currently dominated to Twitch. Much like YouTube, where many of the top channels involve gaming content, Twitch has it’s own cadre of celebrity content creators, many of whom have been extremely successful in monetizing their content and building their brands.
While it’s difficult to compete with a large incumbent player like Twitch, Gaming Live hopes that a video quality advantage will give them the edge, with no limitations on bitrate or framerate for users. They believe that their technology is more efficient than that used by Twitch, allowing them to deliver high definition video at a lower cost than competitors. Whether that translates into more users remains to be seen. Twitch responded to Gaming Live positively, noting that new players entering the space validates their own efforts.