Many cord cutters are familiar with the Mohu Leaf, a discreet HD TV antenna that has become popular as of late. But now Mohu, the company behind the antenna, has a new product to help those seeking alternatives to traditional pay-TV, launching what they call Mohu Channels, a device designed to add familiar streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu to the OTA content delivered by Mohu’s antennas.
While consumers continue to want to view their favorite streaming content on their living room television sets, reviews suggest that Mohu Channels misses the mark. At $150, the device is pricier than other devices in the category like Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV devices, and Roku’s products. The collection of apps and other online content sources is also rather slim, limited to just a handful of the most popular SVOD libraries. Products like FreeCast Inc’s Rabbit TV Plus, on the other hand, offer access to content from thousands of sources across the internet.
The advantage that Mohu Channels offers integration with their own antennas, meaning that users won’t have to change the input mode on their TV to switch between broadcast television and web-based streaming apps. Though it’s also important to note that the product is still young, and will likely be improved upon in future versions. So while Mohu’s first attempt may not be a game changer, they’re certainly working on the right idea.