For years, Apple has offered a set top box, which has widely been referred to as more of a pet project than a serious product. Despite frequent speculation that the Cupertino company might one day decide to do more with the platform, or go a step farther and manufacture an Apple-branded television set, relatively little has happened on that front. But as web video continues to explode, at the expense of traditional television, that could be about to change.
According to Recode, Apple is in talks to offer their own Sling TV-Style service, featuring small bundles of web-delivered channels, not unlike Dish Network’s offering. Apple is already a major player in the OTT space thanks to its iTunes store, a massive source of content that is essentially a pay-per-view video-on-demand library. Adding live TV channels to the service would represent a more aggressive move for a slice of the web TV pie.
As a large tech company with a loyal fan base, and a history of shaking up other industries, all eyes are on Apple. Many have suggested that TV execs are reluctant to embrace the company after seeing what happened to the music industry, but as more consumers look to ditch cable, Apple could be seen as a more attractive middleman then the pay-TV providers.