The average American pays about $123 a month for cable TV. With new streaming services announced almost daily, many consumers are cutting or considering cutting cable. Rabbit TV, today’s “As Seen on TV” device, might be the least expensive way to do it.
The small USB cost us just $10 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It plugs into your computer to help you sign up for Rabbit TV. After that first installation, the manufacturer claims you can log in and watch more than 5,000 TV channels from any device with a high speed internet connection.
Consumer expert Amy Davis tried it first on a laptop at work. The installation was easy. Within minutes, RabbitTV was singing its own praises on her screen.
“All the biggest networks, all the best shows and movies,” a promotional video claimed.
Through Rabbit TV, you can watch local news, national news and entire seasons of shows from all of the major networks. All of the content is already online; but with Rabbit TV, you can scroll through movies and shows just as you would on your cable TV’s channel guide.
With a Wi-Fi streaming device, like Google’s Chromecast that’s only $29.99 on Amazon, you can stream anything on your computer right to your TV. When davis tried it at home, the picture on her TV was a little jerky because most of the content is standard definition.
In addition to new shows, you can also see old favorites like Roseanne, The Jeffersons or go way back for The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres.
Add the $10 for Rabbit TV to the one time $30 outlay for Chromecast; and you could cut cable and pay just $40.