Hulu and AT&T announced an expanded deal today designed to bring the video streaming service to AT&T’s customers on both mobile devices and on the web. Starting later this year, customers will be able to access Hulu shows through an AT&T app on their mobile phones, as well as through an AT&T website for Internet viewing, the companies said. The two are also exploring the possibility of bringing a Hulu app to TVs.
This TV app, if it comes to pass, would be similar to the Hulu apps other distributors are already planning to offer customers by way of their set-top boxes.
Before today, AT&T and Hulu already had a contract focused on distributing Hulu’s free content, but this deal is specifically aimed at expanding access to Hulu’s premium tier. Previously, AT&T would show some of Hulu’s content by way of embedded player on its own websites, but the nature of this deal will be more about driving subscriptions for Hulu.
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