While speaking on a CBS earnings call, CEO Les Moonves made some major announcements. Primarily, he said that CBS had sold the streaming rights to mega-hit series CSI. While he did not specifically name the buyer, it is rumored to be a well known streaming video provider. CSI is a popular show, and it continues to enjoy strong viewership in the online video realm in particular.
Moonves also talked about CBS’s plans for the Super Bowl next year, including the price of those coveted ad spots. Prospective advertisers can expect to pay between $5 and $6 million to get their ads on the air during the big game, breaking this year’s record of $4.5 million.
Last but not least, the CBS CEO shed some light on CBS All Access sales. The much-hyped streaming product has been selling “faster than we expected” according to Moonves, citing an uptick around the time of the Grammy Awards. Predictably, All Access was more popular among younger consumers, with subscribers being on average younger than the average CBS TV viewer.