FreeCast’s addition of Linear OTA Content to a Massive Web-Delivered Selection Should be a Hit with Consumers
While the cable companies have long used bundles to push unwanted channels and high prices on consumers, FreeCast’s bundles promise to do the opposite, adding value for their customers. In the midst of many cord-cutters celebrating the end of the cable bundle, FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Plus is looking to bring bundles back into style. With last week’s announcement of free HDTV antennas for subscribers, FreeCast Inc is bundling linear over-the-air content including local sports, news, and major network programming with the massive selection of online content already offered by Rabbit TV Plus.
“Finally bundle doesn’t have to be a bad word anymore. We’ve decided to give our subscribers more options than ever by bundling the best free content from the web with the linear local and network programming that they care about. It’s really come full circle and I think consumers are ready to embrace a better kind of bundle. We offer our users a massive free library of web-delivered content, and let them choose the premium pay channels that they want on top of that, creating a custom bundle for themselves rather than choosing from a few expensive options. The addition of the antenna adds another tier of content, and who knows what could come next.” CEO William Mobley explained, hinting that these bundles could grow to include additional services in the future.
Television is quickly moving online, but that doesn’t mean that viewers don’t still care about the content which hasn’t, including local sports teams and news, as well as linear programming from the major networks. That’s why Rabbit TV Plus is committed to offering its users both, by pairing an HDTV antenna with their web-based media guide featuring hundreds of thousands of TV shows, movies, radio stations, live channels, events, games, and more.
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