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Watch live streaming coverage of Burning Man 2012 from August 27-September 3

Free live streaming coverage of Burning Man 2012 online.More than 48,000 people have made their way to the Black Rock Desert to become a part of the Burning Man community.
Burning Man is a one-week event held annually, just before Labor Day (and running through Labor Day), in which people create and contribute to an experimental community while fully expressing themselves and living with a complete sense of self-reliance that generally isn’t found in most people’s everyday life.
Live streaming coverage of Burning Man 2012 is available online for free from the start of the festival on Monday, August 27 until it wraps up on Monday, September 3. Just visit FreeCast and go to our Live Events page and we’ll get you set up to watch the Burning Man event at Black Rock City live online.
The Burning Man founder, Larry Harvey, creates a different theme every year and this year’s theme is Fertility 2.0. Previous years of Burning Man saw themes like Time, Hell, Hope, Beyond Belief, Evolution and The American Dream. Music and artwork are a major part of Burning Man and are there to further encourage the formation of a temporary, self-sustainable community.
For all those people out there who wanted to make it to the Burning Man 2012 event at Black Rock City but couldn’t there’s no need to worry. Just watch Burning Event live online with the help of FreeCast. Or, if you are less familiar with Burning Man, Watch the Burning Man event live online for free throughout the week to get a better understanding of exactly what the once-a-year festival is all about.
There are more than 2,000 volunteers that work to make Burning Man happen each and every year and people are more than welcome to join the cause. The idea is for people to come together and find creative ways to express themselves and contribute to the temporary Black Rock Desert community.
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