While new shows are being created for the web at an increasing pace, particularly thanks to SVOD providers like Netflix and Amazon, hotel chain Marriott is also getting in on the content-creation trend. Marriott’s in house studio is putting together a 15 minute short comedy, featuring two hotel workers who attempt to stop an art heist taking place at a Los Angeles Marriott.
Netflix recently cited their own original content as some of the “most efficient” in their lineup, and product placement becoming ever more important, many non-media companies are looking at creating in-house content for a variety of reasons, from marketing to tech support. Content marketing has quickly caught on in the written medium, and as it gets easier to create, distribute, and watch, it only makes sense that video would follow. Rather than produce traditional commercials, it seems that Marriott is trying to create a short, engaging piece of content that shows off the brand, rather than the salesy elevator pitch of much-derided TV ads that interrupt what viewers are actually trying to watch.
Its relatively easy for organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes to produce their own content, and there’s plenty of incentive to do so. Distribution is currently the biggest question mark. Sites like YouTube exist, but they’re essentially a storage space for online video that can’t reliably deliver eyeballs to content. FreeCast Inc’s Rabbit TV Plus, on the other hand, specializes in doing just that. With over 3.5 million subscribers, most of whom are not cable subscribers, Rabbit TV can help any content reach a large and otherwise untapped audience. The comprehensive online media guide will also ensure that viewers are connected with content that they’re most interested in. Best of all, content creators keep 100% of their ad revenues, allowing them to make money while putting their content in front of viewers.