The fight for net neutrality has players from all corners amped up and joining in. Millions of individuals, as well as consumer advocacy groups, internet businesses, internet business groups, cable and telecom businesses, and their trade groups, have all been pressing the FCC toward one decision or another. But now there are some new groups wading in to the morass. They look like millennial, digital-savvy, pro-internet hispters — but their message is straight out of Comcast and AT&T’s playbook. So what’s going on?
ProPublica reports that a mysterious new ad campaign for the internet has popped up around the nation, but nobody can quite figure out who’s sponsoring it — or why.
Recently, as ProPublica describes it, “two bearded young men in skinny jeans” put up what looked like “an art installation” in a trendy neighborhood of San Francisco: a “bright blue, oversized ‘suggestion box’ for the Internet.”
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