CEO James Dolan has publicly expressed interest in a merger with Time Warner Cable.

While the proposed merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast is no more, consolidation in the cable industry seems more likely than ever, as a whole host of cable companies have begun talking merger in the wake of the failed deal. Most recently, while speaking on a panel at the Internet and Television Expo in Chicago, Cablevision CEO James Dolan seemed to quite bluntly suggest a merger between his company and its New York market competitor Time Warner Cable. Other cable CEOs present at the event declined to comment on the merger rumors that had been surrounding them, though Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus did not reject Dolan’s merger proposal outright.
Time Warner Cable and Cablevision both serve the key New York City market, though their networks do not overlap. Time Warner Cable provides service to most of the city, with Cablevision providing service to the Bronx and a small portion of Brooklyn. Cablevision’s James Dolan suggested that the two companies should cooperate rather than compete, in NYC. This “consolidation” could stop short of a complete merger between the two cable providers, though there seems to be a great hunger in the industry for a merger involving Time Warner Cable. Charter Communications, Cox Communications, and Bright House Networks have all been suggested as possible merger partners for the nation’s second largest cable provider, Time Warner Cable. This brief exchange at INTX is perhaps the first time an executive of a rival cable company has openly acknowledged desire for a merger. Despite rumors, representatives from both Cox and Charter have denied merger talks, and each declined to comment when posed a merger question by the panel’s moderator.
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