This weekend, CBS and the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards are giving viewers a VIP pass to the week’s excitement with “GRAMMY Live!”, an online video stream of all the weekend’s hottest events, but now one revolutionary Facebook app wants to take it one step further. The FreeCast app is set to give music fans the option to watch all the live coverage of GRAMMY weekend right from their Facebook, keeping up with all the red carpet action, backstage interviews and exclusive photo sessions while chatting with their many friends and fellow Facebook users on the same screen. labels themselves ”Your Personal Channel Guide”, giving users access to over 7000 TV, Movie, Sports, News, Music and Event Channels all from one location for free, and now the FreeCast app will guide Facebook users to CBS’s live online streams of GRAMMY weekend.
“Last weekend we gave Facebook users the unique live experience of watching the biggest event in sports, the Super Bowl, and now we’re ready to give them the same opportunity with the biggest event in music.” says President William Mobley. “After this weekend, Facebook users will see just how much potential the FreeCast app has for revolutionizing the way we watch TV and live events, allowing viewers to not only watch these events online for free but also to connect with friends and talk about what they’re watching at the same time.”
While Mobley is excited about bringing the weekend’s action to Facebook, he makes it clear that he doesn’t expect Facebook to act as an alternative to CBS’s television broadcast coverage of the awards, but rather as a “second screen”. CBS has confirmed that the online stream will provide coverage from the event that you can’t see on TV, so those who aren’t watching it online won’t be catching all the action.
To get Freecast’s free Facebook app now, go to
Coverage begins Friday Feb 10th.