CEO of FreeCast Inc, Distributor of Rabbit TV Plus, Responds to Netflix, HBO GO, and CBS Announcements
Mobley’s media companies have long been under the radar but ahead of the game.
William Mobley, CEO of the company responsible for the world’s largest online media guide, Rabbit TV Plus, was quick to weigh in on news from HBO, CBS, and Netflix that shook the entertainment industry this week. Reactions from the media varied, but at FreeCast Inc, both announcements had been long anticipated.
“A lot of people see Netflix as some sort of new medium, because it’s different from what existed previously, but it’s just another channel. You pay for access, and then you can watch their content. The only real difference is that it’s delivered on-demand via the web and not in a scheduled format on cable TV. But now that HBO and CBS are going over-the-top too, that distinction between Netflix and other channels will disappear as other networks follow suit.” Mobley explained.
Netflix will have a place in history, having popularized video-on-demand, but the idea of streaming content online is neither unique nor new. From late 1997 through the early 2000’s, Mobley’s company MegaMedia Networks’ branded media portal pioneered the no-download instant online streaming business, reaching over 800,000 users a day well before Netflix or YouTube existed. The company had direct agreements with studios to stream titles such as Twister and Enemy of the State, long before the age of digital rights management. Having been there and done that, Mobley set out to do something different with FreeCast Inc, aiming not to become another content broker, but to change the media industry.
If you look at the television experience today, there are basically three tiers. ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX make up the first, which are all freely available over the air with an antenna. Then you have pay channels that you can expect with your typical cable package:  ESPN, Disney, Discovery, your news channels, etc. Last you have the premium channels that you’re going to pay extra for like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and even Netflix.
What FreeCast Inc does is bring the full spectrum of the TV experience to Rabbit TV Plus subscribers via the web. Many of the shows that make up the first two tiers are available online for free, and for those that aren’t, Rabbit TV Plus gives users the opportunity to buy them a la carte, paying only for what they watch. Those who prefer to watch their local news or a Sunday ball game live can do so with the easy addition of a $20 HDTV antenna available at any hardware or electronics store. Now with HBO going over-the-top, our subscribers will be able to get absolutely everything without paying for overpriced cable bundles.
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