Thanks to NBC, the way we watch live sports is about to change forever. Super Bowl XLVI will be the first ever Super Bowl to be broadcast LIVE for free over the internet, and now CEO William Mobley wants to throw the biggest party online, a Facebook party, and you’re invited!
With the FreeCast App for Facebook, you and your friends will be able to watch NBC’s and the NFL’s LIVE coverage of the big game through Facebook, which means you’ll be able to chat online with friends and other Facebookers about every crazy play, every ridiculous call, every monumental touchdown, all on the same screen as the game itself.
Throwing a party of your own? Connect it to the FreeCast party with a second (or even third) screen, because the online feed will have coverage you can’t see on the cable broadcast, so if you’re not at the FreeCast party, you’ll be missing out on the action!
So invite your friends, invite your enemies, invite your coworkers, even invite your dog to the real Super Bowl party this year, the FreeCast party on Facebook!
Don’t wait until Sunday! Get the FREE App now at!