ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 6, 2014– FreeCast, the content discovery and management engine behind the best-selling eMedia guide Rabbit TV, today announced the launch of “Rabbit TV Plus”, the newest iteration of its popular consumer device.
The company has announced a number of major system updates coming with the newly overhauled service, including the addition of mobile compatibility. With the service’s redesigned interface incorporating ”˜responsive design’ technology, Rabbit TV Plus subscribers can now access the massive entertainment library on all devices, including computers, tablets and mobile devices. This new feature is especially significant given the extremely limited selection of full-length movies, TV episodes and live events currently available on mobile, most of which require different apps for each content provider. Rabbit TV Plus will eliminate these limitations by providing unrestricted access to all video content on the web regardless of what device is being used to view it.
The new system will also include a vastly expanded eMedia guide, which the company claims to be the world’s largest freely available content library on the market. This substantial offering will also be supplemented by a new Pay-Per-View section, which will provide subscribers universal access to new release movies rentals, premium TV series and live 24/7 sports channels.
Unlike the original Rabbit TV service, Rabbit TV Plus will not require subscribers to use the token USB key device. Instead, users will be able to access the guide from any device using a web-based registration code. FreeCast explains that this change in delivery is meant to support today’s high demand for second-screen viewing on tablets and smartphones, an industry that has seen explosive growth and evolution in the last year alone.
“Tablets and smartphones are replacing PCs as the consumers primary choice for personal media and second screen viewing – we needed to eliminate the current USB account key, as these new mobile device’s don’t have USB ports and we wanted Rabbit TV to effectively service this explosive global marketshare,” says FreeCast CEO William Mobley.
Rabbit TV Plus includes a free Android or iOS app for users on mobile devices, allowing for access to high quality network content ”˜anywhere with Wi-Fi access’ as opposed to the in-home only content available through major cable broadband providers. The interface was also fully optimized for Windows 8 devices, providing an ”˜app-less’ entertainment experience on Windows-powered computers, tablets and smartphones. The service also comes with a free HDMI cable so users can stream content directly from their devices to their TVs in-home.
Even with these major updates and added bonuses, FreeCast has confirmed the service will still retain its nominal $10 per year price tag.
The company states that it will also be using CES as a stage to announce its next big product for 2014, described as a “complete home entertainment system” labeled “Rabbit TV Select”.
A collaboration between FreeCast Inc, a leading content discovery engine & network, and direct-response television leaders Telebrands, Rabbit TV is sold at major retail chains nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-aid, Office Depot, and numerous others.
“When the story is told about Rabbit TV, people will see how significant a first move it was by FreeCast to partner with ”˜As Seen on TV’ kings Telebrands. By securing the direct-response-commercials and dedicated shelf space at national retailers, we were able to garnish this massive subscriber-base in such a short period of time. Together we’ve launched a major home media service and brand, not just a ‘gimmick’, as some of our critics try to portray us,” says Mobley. “That’s like saying TV Guide wasn’t relevant for the last 50 years.”
FreeCast will be exhibiting at CES 2014 in LVH Hospitality Suite 371.