Comcast assembled its top brass in San Francisco Wednesday to demonstrate its new Xfinity X1 TV platform to a gaggle of tech reporters. Xfinity X1 is an entirely cloud-based system with the potential to eliminate the cable box, which Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts admitted becomes “obsolete as soon as we put it in your house.”
So if all you need is broadband Internet access to get TV service from Comcast, what’s to stop the company from offering its service through any broadband ISP? Nothing but greed.
Tuesday’s Xfinity X1 demo was dazzling. Comcast execs boasted that you’d eventually be able to record every single program it offered over a 30-day period, because you’d have a virtually limitless DVR in the cloud. There’s also a new remote with an integrated microphone, so you can control the system and perform searches with voice commands.
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