Imagine lightning-quick downloading and uploading of massive files, a veritable smorgasbord of HDTV channels sitting next to your favorite streaming apps, and more cloud storage than you know what to do with — all for a reasonable price. For those lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas, this is no vision from the future, but a very close reality. That’s because this quirky, culture-rich music town is the next stop on the Google Fiber train.
Digital Trends visited Austin for a hands-on look at its latest upgraded network and Internet TV devices, which are designed to deliver the next generation of home entertainment. And having experienced what Google has developed first-hand, it isn’t a stretch to say that the company is in position to radically transform the way we watch TV. It’s totally awesome, we totally want it, and it’s safe to say Big Cable is in a world of trouble.
Google Fiber’s shockingly fast Internet service steals all the headlines, and that’s understadable. A full Gbps of Internet, which starts at $70/month on a 12-month commitment, boggles the mind in comparison to the 10-15 Mbps Internet that most of us endure. But as Google Fiber’s Head of Product Management Adam Smith puts it, what’s really exciting is what Google can “build on top of the Gig.” Google’s $130 Internet plus TV bundle, which takes the $70 package and adds 120 + channels of sparkling HDTV, sets a new standard for what we should expect from our Internet and TV providers, and is proof that the future of TV lives on the Internet.
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