A week after The Interview made its VOD debut on December 24th, Sony announced that most of the other VOD holdouts—including all the major cable providers, DirecTV and Sony’s own PlayStation Network—are now also offering the comedy for rental and purchase. At this point, aside from Amazon, every major VOD provider and streaming site is showing the film (and Sony still remains in talks with Netflix).
Everyone, that is, except one major streaming outlet that has been left on the sidelines: Crackle, the Sony-owned streaming site that airs films and TV shows, many of them produced by the company. The site is free, but ad-supported: movies like Backdraft have nine separate breaks for multiple ads.
Yet despite a New York Post report on December 21st that Sony was going to stream The Interview on Crackle, a studio source tells Quartz that Crackle was not considered as part of The Interview’s digital strategy, given that the free site has no mechanism in place for charging consumers the $5.99 rental and $14.99 purchase fee for the film that the other VOD outlets have been offering.
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