When it comes to TV subscription options, we’ve all considered “cutting the cord”. As of 2015, up to 15 percent of Americans had already done so.
It’s no surprise, as traditional cable plans can cost over $100 per month, and offer tons of channels you never watch.
More and more, cord-cutters are turning to alternatives, like SelectTV, which allow them to save money and focus on the programming that matters to them most.
SelectTV unifies all your entertainment so you can watch what you want, when you want, on all of your devices, all in one place!
And at only $24 per year, SelectTV can save the average cable user over $230 per year.
However, with all the focus on cost savings, it’s easy to overlook the huge environmental benefit of cutting the cord.
That’s because the cable TV box is now the second biggest energy user in many American homes – behind only air conditioning.
A typical cable box may consume as much as 35 kWh of power per month, costing over $4 and adding over one pound of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per day!
Annoyingly, these devices consume nearly as much power turned off as they do when turned on, meaning most the cost and environmental damage occurs while you’re not watching.
Select TV Product ImageSelectTV, on the other hand, delivers the same great content using devices you already own – like your laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.
That means you can access your on demand library, premium subscriptions, and live local channels anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.
And by unplugging your cable box, you’ll slash around $100 from your energy bill and 400 pounds from your carbon footprint!
Cut your channel line up. Cut your energy bill. Cut your carbon footprint.
But now – to demonstrate their commitment to the environment – SelectTV has partnered with UCapture to further reduce your carbon footprint.
When you purchase a SelectTV annual plan for only $24 through UCapture, we’ll offset 1500 pounds of CO2 in your name.
That’s enough to make your TV, mobile phone and laptop all carbon neutral for an entire year!
By dumping your cable box and choosing SelectTV through UCapture you’ll reduce your net carbon footprint by almost one ton, and save over $300 per year…
Check out SelectTV’s money saving and carbon reducing service.
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