Television is changing, that much is true. But don’t let that make you believe that we have to lose the best parts. For decades now, we’ve enjoyed television in a linear format. But for many who are replacing cable with web-delivered subscription video-on-demand services, the ability to sit back and surf channels is starting to look like a thing of the past to some. But with some of the other industry leaders don’t seem to be embracing live channels, Rabbit TV Plus has over 300, with more being added all the time.
The linear format is popular because it’s familiar. The transition to web TV is still in progress, and as more people move to getting their content online, anything that more closely resembles what they used to get with cable will make that change easier. A live channel with 24 hours of scheduled programming also takes the hassle out of deciding what to watch next. When one show ends, another begins, so if the channel deals with a topic you’re interested in, you can watch for hours without lifting a finger.
Rabbit TV Plus has a wide variety of live channels to choose from. Several of them like Bloomberg and Al Jazeera, are the same channels as you would see them with a cable subscription. Others like CBSN and MSNBC Shift feature the same content and quality that you’d expect from the major networks, with programming exclusive to the web. Many more of the channels on Rabbit TV Plus are created and curated by FreeCast staff, making them exclusive to Rabbit TV members. Among these are retro channels, seasonal channels, and over 75 channels of music videos.
While Rabbit TV Plus is often lumped in with other subscription video-on-demand services like Netflix, it does so much more than that. Video-on-demand is just one component, along with live channels, premium pay channels, pay-per-view content, radio stations, music, games, and more. In addition a wider variety of content than others are able to offer, Rabbit TV Plus also includes a wider variety of formats of content. While many cord-cutters have learned to survive with only on-demand options, most people continue to consume their entertainment content in a variety of ways, which is why Rabbit TV Plus brings them all to our users.