DirecTV was able to momentarily halt their ongoing subscriber losses, gaining 149,000 in the last quarter of 2014. Though the company can’t take all the credit for their windfall, admitting that many of these new customers come from their competition, fleeing blackouts caused by programming disputes. While DirecTV did not mention them by name, they’re almost certainly referring to satellite rival Dish Network, who ended last year with three public fights with TV networks, resulting in over 10 channels going dark for Dish customers at one point or another. Among them were Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting group of channels, CBS-owned stations, and conservative favorites Fox News and Fox Business.
Considering the skyrocketing price of content, it was understandable of Dish Network to take a stand against the TV networks. Unfortunately it was unwitting customers who were left to suffer the consequences as highly popular channels went dark, some for a month at a time. Many of those customers were having none of it, and the backlash against Dish was fierce. Anger erupted on social media, and while it’s unknown how many actually fled for other TV providers, DirecTV’s gains during that time period suggest a high number. DirecTV is coming off two previous quarters of losses, so it’s quite possible that more than 150,000 subscribers dumped Dish for the other satcaster.
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