Dish Network said a U.S. District Court has said technology that the broadcast networks objected to is legal under copyright law or the Supreme Court’s recent Aereo ruling.
But the court–the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California–also held that Dish had breached the no-copying provision of its contract with Fox. So the decision provided some bragging rights for both sides. In fact, the decision was a mix of sumamry judgments granted and denied. The court granted five of Dish’s claims, and rejected four. Fox was an even split–three granted, three denied.
The ruling, released Tuesday afternoon, covers Dish’s PrimeTime Anywhere and AutoHop features, which record programming and plays it back without commercials. The court also ruled that Dish’s Slingbox technology, which moves programming from the set-top box to other devices, and its Transfers feature, which duplicates some recordings allowing users to play them back on a mobile phone or tablet without an Internet connection, did not violate copyright laws.
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