The Disney Movie Anywhere app now lives up to its name — after launching for iOS and the iTunes Store earlier this year, Disney is now bringing its movie-curating app to Android and Google Play. That partnership between Disney and Google means that things just got a lot easier for anyone who wants to watch their Disney movie library across both Android and iOS devices. Now, any Disney, Pixar, or Marvel Universe movies you purchase on Google Play, as well as anything you’ve bought in the past, can automatically be added to a Disney account — where those movies can live alongside anything you previously purchased on iTunes or redeemed using the digital copy that accompanies many physical DVD and Blu-Ray purchases.
It sounds a little complicated at first glance, but in the demo Google and Disney executives gave us, it’s a pretty seamless process. When you create a Disney Movies Anywhere account on Disney’s site (or in Disney’s iOS and Android apps), you’re now given the option to link both your iTunes and Google Play accounts to it. Once those accounts are added, you’ll be able to play of those Disney movies through the Disney Movies Anywhere app or on Disney’s site, regardless of where you first purchased them.
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