NBC, owned by cable giant Comcast, and Disney, have both found themselves among the media companies most resistant to offering streaming media products, or at least making them available outside of pay-TV subscriptions. While these two companies obviously benefit greatly from the current pay-TV ecosystem, just about everyone in the television industry can see the writing on the wall: consumers are moving in the opposite direction. Now it would seem that even these long time holdouts are starting to warm up to the idea of subscription streaming products.
NBC is reportedly planning a comedy-based service for a low price that would include favorites like the Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, as well as web original work. Disney on the other hand, is beginning to see potential to monetize some of its recently-acquired Star Wars and Marvel properties, each of which features plenty of content and loyal fanbases who would likely pay up a small monthly fee to access them. This would also allow them to avoid disrupting the pay-TV bundle the way offering a major network like ESPN or ABC would.