As content prices continue to rise, many video outlets are finding that it’s more cost effective to produce in-house rather than license content from elsewhere. Netflix and Amazon have both announced aggressive original programming plans, and now cable movie network Epix is planning to develop their own scripted shows, according to the Los Angeles Times.
While there’s certainly a strong appetite for movies among consumers, Netflix, HBO, and others have arleady discovered that in order to continue growing, diversification is a must. Now as Epix hopes to do battle with HBO, Showtime, and others, it seems to be following the same path.
As it turns out, the same problems that plague cable TV providers, and result in those pricey bills each month, also threaten other video providers that license content. Decades of cable TV’s dominance have created an environment where content creators are used to getting whatever they want from distrubutors, including exorbitant prices. But as those costs are passed on to consumes, it’s reached a breaking point and resulted in an exodus from pay-TV as well as the rise of more affordable web-based options.