In our second week of executive vlogs, Roy Labrador introduces viewers to the basics of the cord cutting movement. Labrador is the Executive Vice President of IOT and Partnership Sales at FreeCast. After explaining his role at FreeCast, Labrador touches on how his job helps propel SelectTV into the future of streaming.

Who is Roy Labrador?

“My focus at FreeCast is to work with the ISPs, some of the rural broadband providers, and the MDUs, along with the hospitality folks, to come up with a solution that works for them and for their audience,” Labrador explains. Many housing developments, including dorms, are looking to replace expensive cable with a more affordable option for TV-viewers. Apps like SelectTV would allow  visitors to input their own streaming services, or watch any of the available linear channels at a fraction of the cost to the owners.

“We hope to provide a revenue stream in the content space that has kind of disappeared over the years, and why a lot of you have exited from being a provider of content. The streaming wars continue, the likes we have never seen… Especially in the last year/year and a half, due to Covid.”

Labrador is right, as the amount of hours streamed on SVOD services continue to rise. “You can count how many new streaming platforms have been released. We hope to make it easy for you at FreeCast with our SelectTV service.”  The last two years have seen the debut of Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Peacock. That’s precisely why aggregation is so important.

“You’d probably be very surprised at the aggregation capabilities of what it is our team has created… To be able to view content when you want, how you want, and how much of it you want.”  Labrador notes the success of the app among subscribers, saying “It’s been a big plus for us, seeing subscribers coming on board and being able to avoid that ‘app diving’ world.”

Watch The Executive Vlog Below

With introductions and pleasantries aside, Labrador moves into the main topic of today’s vlog: the basics of cord cutting. While many people are living their daily lives without cable in the modern age, Labrador notes that “50%+ have not yet cut the cord.”  Media outlets are quick to note cord cutting as the future. Surprisingly, half the U.S has yet to adopt this practice.

“I think that’s because they feel like they have to get the bandwidth from somebody anyway,” says Labrador. “A lot of you are limited to only one choice of a bandwidth provider, which is also your cable provider.” For those who do not have the option to compare packages between providers, you may feel shoe-horned into keeping your cable bill. “Just boost that bandwidth as much as you can because everybody has the need for speed, and jump on board with the rest of us that have already cut the cord,” advises Labrador.

Benefits of Cord Cutting

When listing why cord cutting is so beneficial to the every-day consumer, Labrador had this to say: “The number one benefit certainly is to see as much of the content that you’d like to see when you want to see it,. The library of content continues to grow literally on a daily basis.” However, aside from on-demand content, he continues, saying “[It’s] the money savings that’s a big factor for most of you.” The average cable bill, including premium packages, can push $200 monthly. Slimming down to streaming-only can be a huge weight lifted off your wallet.

“Even if you subscribe to a few different platforms and you roll it all under SelectTV, you can have the ability to control and watch all of those streaming subscriptions with our service.”  Beyond that, Labrador also commends SelectTV for an additional cord cutter essential. “Another big benefit you realize by making the cord cutting decision is the ability to have a cloud based DVR service that allows you to record your programing on your subscription service and/or on our linear channel set.”

Labrador ends his first executive vlog with a note on flexibility: “Whatever dictates those changes and the content, maybe a particular new show that’s out a new series, maybe it’s a new movie that’s coming out to a particular platform… You have that great flexibility to make those changes on an individual basis as needed.”

Cord cutting doesn’t have to be scary or a leap of faith. Consumers need to be aware that great things happen when you cut your cable. Not only do the savings pile up, but the opportunities are endless when it comes to building an on-demand library. “It’s quite a simple practice,” closes Labrador. “Just make it your best effort!”

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