Confident that they’ve created the best TV experience on the social network, FreeCast pulls the “Beta” label from Rabbit TV’s celebrated Facebook app.

Since debuting on Facebook in August, FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Lite app has been well received. As Facebook becomes a major destination for those seeking online video, FreeCast set out to create the premiere video watching experience within the social network. Celebrated by USA Today upon its launch, and named one of 15 must-haves by Social Media Today, all signs are that Rabbit TV Lite has been a smashing success. As a result, the app is here to stay, as FreeCast removes the “Beta” label and makes Rabbit TV Lite an official part of the company’s portfolio.
Rabbit TV Lite is sampling of the company’s $10-per-year subscription service, Rabbit TV Plus. It consists of one of the most popular features of the premium offering: over 500 streaming channels. Already larger than many expensive cable TV bundles, featuring both live-streamed content from top TV networks like Animal Planet, MSNBC, Vice, and Bloomberg, as well as curated channels assembled from the internet’s best content by the entertainment experts at Rabbit TV. FreeCast is adding channels on a daily basis in order to offer something for every audience, interest, sport, hobby, region, or niche. As a result, both Rabbit TV Lite and the premium Plus offering are growing strong, rapidly adding both content and features.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained the company’s experience with Rabbit TV Lite so far: “This app was an experiment, and it got such tremendous attention, far more than we expected. Access to one small part of the Rabbit TV offering, a peek behind the paywall in essence, has really spurred greater interest in our premium service, so that’s become a part of our strategy going forward. Our mobile apps are now free to non-subscribers too, and as a result our user base is growing more quickly. Users discover content with our app, and they’re willing to pay to access full episodes and movies on demand with Rabbit TV Plus membership.”
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