Each month, as content comes and goes from popular streaming services, Rabbit TV remains a reliable source for all.

Hundreds of shows and movies have disappeared from Netflix, the popular subscription video-on-demand library. While this is a regular ritual for companies like Netflix, it none the less continues to catch many unsuspecting users by surprise. But for those who are now searching for their favorite shows or movies that have gone missing, FreeCast has the solution. For just $10 a year, Rabbit TV Plus organizes online video from around the web, including SVOD services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and more into easy-to-use interface, available from all of your devices.

Because Rabbit TV Plus rounds up videos from around the web, and then directs users to where they are hosted, the service is able to offer a wide selection of content that remains stable as individual titles come and go from other sources. For users, this means always knowing where you can watch your favorite show or movie, even if it moves from place to place on the web. In fact, for most content, Rabbit TV provides multiple viewing options, as well as price comparisons for all of your options to rent or purchase it.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained how his company’s product is a must-have for subscribers of other popular SVOD libraries. “Every month or so, you see this. Like clockwork, shows and movies simply disappear from other services to make way for the new. Today it’s Netflix, Hulu has experienced the same issue, Amazon too. These companies have a limited budget with which to license content, so it’s a balancing act to both keep popular content, and make sure users don’t run out of things to watch. It’s natural for content to come and go, but with Rabbit TV Plus, you never have to worry about tracking it down.”