While many rejoiced at yesterday’s news that the FCC was proposing reclassification, giving them greater regulatory powers to protect net neutrality, not everybody was so thrilled. Unsurprisingly, the big Internet service providers were among those furious with the proposal. Having months ago vowed to fight any attempts to regulate them using Title II of the telecommunications act, it seems that this debate will be taken to the courts.
Another new battlefield in the net neutrality fight could be the halls of congress. The new Republican majority, likely at the behest of cable lobbyists, has already come out against the FCC’s proposal, calling it little more than a regulatory “power grab.” One of the most vocal supporters of net neutrality, president Obama, has also been accused of bullying the FCC for political purposes.
Republicans have already tried to preempt the FCC, by putting forth a bill that would take Title II off the table as a net neutrality remedy. Congress has not voted on such a bill, however, and even if they had, it would almost certainly be vetoed by the pro-Title II president currently occupying the White House.