The FCC is taking a closer look at cable providers’ billing practices, just as Bill Mobley predicted they would.

Less than two weeks ago, FreeCast CEO William Mobley warned that political pressures resulting from the coming presidential campaign season could result in even more regulatory scrutiny for the perennially unpopular pay-TV providers. Specifically, he noted that the abundance of fees and taxes snuck into consumers’ bills created a lack of transparency that could draw unwanted attention from the FCC. Now, as predicted, the FCC seems to be taking up that precise issue cited by Mobley.
“The TV industry just needs to change with the times. Consumers’ attitudes towards TV have changed dramatically, but the big players in this industry are clinging to the old strategies that made them successful, afraid to let them go. The regulators, the politicians, they’re answering to consumers right now, and consumers are frustrated. It’s not too late to turn it around though. If the media companies and TV providers embrace the web, à la carte, direct to consumer, and straightforward pricing, I think a lot of the unhappiness will go away, and with it the current lean towards regulatory solutions.” Mobley said.
With a knack for staying ahead of consumer, industry, and policymaking trends, William Mobley founded FreeCast as a media company of the future. After nearly two years of often being labeled ahead of its time, that future envisioned by FreeCast has finally arrived, heralded by over 4 million subscribers to Rabbit TV and the imminent debut of Select TV. Having created an agnostic Media Aggregation Platform, the company is able to help the rest of the media industry thrive in this new era, by allowing them to easily do business online, direct with consumers, and without the high cost or hassle of working through the traditional TV providers.