The web-TV leader’s heavy investment in media SaaS IP and state-of-the-art set top box hardware leaves them ready and waiting for this moment.

With the FCC’s decision to unlock the lucrative set top box market, a tidal wave of innovation and competition is expected in that space. But as the tech giants head to the drawing board, the maker of popular web-based media guide Rabbit TV Plus is all but ready to deliver a finished product.
This decision comes amid FreeCast’s own imminent rollout of Select TV, a new commercial service platform, boasting integration with new set top box hardware that captivated attention at the Showstoppers media reception during the CES Show 2016. The hardware will be dubbed “One” because with the new possibilities for third party set top boxes, it will serve as the one device for everything consumers need, replacing potentially dozens of devices from Apple TV and Roku-style app managers to DVR equipment from cable providers or TiVo.
Select TV and the associated One hardware are already launching, and will soon reach retail where FreeCast has proven strength, having sold over 4 million subscriptions to its popular Rabbit TV Plus service through a partnership with Telebrands. Like Rabbit TV, Select TV and the One set top box will be available in over 35,000 nationwide retailers including Walmart, Target, Sears, Walgreens, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot, and more.
“We’ve been building for this day literally for years now, so the opportunities before us are simply massive. We have the ability to put everything that the web has to offer right alongside the full offering that you’d get from your pay-TV provider today.  As we speak, we’re already partnering with telcos, wireless providers, cable companies, and manufacturers. On the hardware note, we’re also already working with a top 5 global television manufacturer to develop the world’s first Internet TV with full PC functionality. This will bring consumers everything they could ever want to watch, without the need for any additional device at all!” FreeCast CEO William Mobley claimed.
FreeCast has spent years and millions of dollars developing a tremendous amount of intellectual property in anticipation of a day like this. The company boasts a proven, easy-to-use service to organize and deliver over 250,000 movies, 350,000 TV episodes, 1000 streaming channels, a full calendar of live events, and more; literally everything consumers watch on the web. Already having developed a commercial back end that can manage all of the various OTT content inputs and bring them together in a single interface, no company is better positioned than FreeCast to meet the current market demand and bring all of the benefits of the FCC’s recent decision to consumers’ hands faster.
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