Chairman Tom Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission has announced that he will propose utility-style regulations for Internet service providers, including mobile broadband providers. This announcement has been long expected since Wheeler signaled that he had warmed up to the Title II approach while speaking at CES in Las Vegas. While he said that the agency would not seek to regulate prices, which is allowed for within Title II, reclassifying ISPs as common carriers wil give the FCC a number of tools through which to prevent Internet providers from meddling with or restricting traffic between their subscribers and businesses.
OTT providers are celebrating the FCC’s proposal, which is scheduled to be voted on as soon as February 26th. FreeCast Inc, as an aggregator, is not significantly impacted by the net neutrality debate, but none the less applauds the decision. By ensuring fair treatment of each of our content partners on the web, the FCC’s new rules will allow us to continue bringing our users everything the web has to offer without limitations or restrictions.