Fox ‘s fall lineup in 2011 was one of the strongest among the broadcast networks. With popular series like the time-tested ‘Glee’, the surprise hit ‘New Girl’, and the new Keifer Sutherland drama ‘Touch’, among others, the Fox executives had plenty to be celebrating about, especially with some of their top competitors struggling to satisfy an evolving television audience.
In 2012, Fox will be coming back strong with their already established hits along with some new flavors, including the newest season of ‘X Factor’, which will feature a certain Britney Spears as one of its newest hosts, and a new series by Kevin Bacon.
Fox has recently released the premiere dates for their Fall schedule, and FreeCast is here to give it to you.  Check out the breakdown below and let us know what you think:
All Times are EST

Wednesday, September 12
The X Factor  (8:00pm)
Thursday, September 13
Glee (9:00pm)
Monday, September 17
Bones (8:00pm)
The Mob Doctor (9:00pm) – Series Premiere!
Tuesday, September 25
New Girl (8:00pm)
Ben and Kate (8:30pm) – Series Premiere!
The Mindy Project (9:30pm) – Series Premiere!
Friday, September 28
Kitchen Nightmares (8:00pm)
Fringe (9:00pm)
Sunday, September 30
The Simpsons (8:00pm)
Bob’s Burgers (8:30pm)
Family Guy (9:00pm)
American Dad (9:30pm)
Tuesday, October 2
Raising Hope (8:00pm)
Sunday, October 7
The Cleveland Show (7:30pm)
Friday, October 26
Touch (8:00pm)
There you go.  Don’t forget, you can find free episodes of all of these popular Fox shows with, Your Personal Channel Guide.