With On-Demand Service and Installation, Select TV will make setting up TV service as simple as ordering a pizza.

Last month FreeCast announced their next-generation set top box at NAB, a product that they promised would revolutionize the delivery of pay-TV service and turn any set into “the Smartest TV Ever.” Now the company has revealed that their plans for Select TV go even further, tackling another frustrating experience of current pay-TV offerings: waiting hours for a technician to install equipment. Utilizing an app on their smartphone or tablet, consumers will be put in touch with a local distributor who will be able to immediately deliver and set up the device, as well as any additional devices, optional WiFi cameras, or other home security modules.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained how FreeCast’s radical rethink of the television experience came to include the setup process. “One of the big complaints of TV subscribers is poor customer service. Anyone who has cable has been through this: when you sign up for service, you have to wait days for an appointment, then take off work because a cable guy could show up at any time within a four-hour window. We’ve made Select TV a better experience on every front, installation included. So now a customer can easily purchase and set up the device themselves, or be put in touch with a dedicated distributor who can deliver and set up Select TV in a matter of minutes. All for a one-time cost that’s probably less than your monthly cable bill.”
Retailing for under $150, Select TV allows users to watch any of the content that they would receive with cable TV, through a combination of an HDTV antenna for live over-the-air local network channels and FreeCast’s over-the-top library of hundreds of thousands of TV episodes, movies, radio stations, streaming channels, live events, and more. Additional features include the ability to stream media from other devices, a full web browser and email experience, home security and automation, cloud storage integration, DVR, and more, turning any television into a full-blown PC with all the capabilities expected of a modern device.
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