Amid renewed interest in virtual reality, FreeCast brings a Dedicated 360° Video Channel to Facebook.

FreeCast’s new Facebook app, Rabbit TV Lite, which debuted last month to significant media attention from USA Today and others, can now add one more boast: home of the first 360° video channel on Facebook. Known as 360 Nation, the dedicated channel is available to over 4 million subscribers of Rabbit TV Plus, and now to users of the Rabbit TV Lite Facebook app as well, features a 24/7 stream of 360° virtual reality videos. With the drag of a mouse, users can literally look around and focus on whatever angle or vista they like best, unlike traditional channels that only offer a fixed field of view.
360 Nation’s arrival on Facebook preceded a string of news items related to the virtual reality topic. Both Sony and Facebook made headlines with news about their own virtual reality hardware, PlayStation VR and Oculus. More recently, Hulu announced that it too was getting in to VR, while Facebook followed up with an announcement of support for 360° videos to be posted on the social network itself. With partners like Disney, GoPro, and Saturday Night Live already on board with Facebook, virtual reality programming is beginning to proliferate, and FreeCast’s Rabbit TV is already establishing itself as a leader, being not only bringing one of the first 360° video channels to its users, but opening it’s arms to VR content producers.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained Rabbit TV’s significance as new technology transforms the television experience: “Traditional television, as we know it today, is literally defined by its limitations. The scheduled linear channels that we associate with TV were born decades ago, in an era before video-on-demand was even imagined. FreeCast represents television without limits, creating a platform where content and technology of today and tomorrow fit right in. 360° degree video is just one example, that’s something that just isn’t possible with broadcast, cable, or satellite TV. We welcome producers to bring their virtual reality content, and all types of programming, to the Rabbit TV audience. ”
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