FreeCast CEO Bill Mobley is in New York City today, speaking at the OTT Executive Summit. He will be participating in a panel of platform providers, as well as meeting with other executives in the increasingly important OTT field. In addition, Mr. Mobley may also have some exciting news from FreeCast to share with other summit attendees.
If you’re in New York attending the OTT Executive Summit, and have the chance, make sure to say hello to Bill Mobley. You’ll be sure to get a unique take on the future of web video from one of the medium’s first pioneers.
For the OTT Executive Summit’s Schedule, please visit their website:
Bill Mobley will be speaking in Session 8: The Battle of the OTT/OVP Platforms:
What consumers want and need, is believe it or not, exactly what these content providers want and need as well: impartial cross-platform content discovery. In other words, a virtual MSO. A single agnostic platform that can bring content from competing online video sources together, the same way that a cable TV subscription makes it easy for consumers to enjoy content from multiple competing cable and broadcast networks.”