Personal Channel Guide of 5000+ Channels Readily Available on Most WiFi TV’s, Personal Computers, Mobile, Tablets, and Web-enabled Game Consoles

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) November 24, 2011
Just as the growth of cable was viewed as competition by local television stations in 1971, 40 years later the tables are turning as consumers are spend more time online through a myriad of devices – opening the doors for web tv to dominate the market.
Recently launched, which compiles all openly available streaming and on-demand content across the globe, is quickly amassing a dedicated following. The system uses a web-based multi-language Personal Channel Guide to link to over 5000 channels. These include major networks, radio stations, movie & events distributers plus 1.5 million new daily videos.
The content can be accessed anywhere, on devices that include WiFi TV, mobiles, tablets and games consoles. The biggest innovation is that the service is 100% free.
“FreeCast expects to be the next version of TV Guide for the Internet,” says William Mobley, president of the Orlando-based startup. “Our goal is to have the largest open-model collection of media channel links on the Internet, directing consumers to content how and when they want it. We are instantly updating links to over 40 hours of newly uploaded video to the internet every minute” Mobley adds.
Freecast’s goal, unlike other online providers, is not to create content. The company wants to dominate the free and multi-device market by letting people know what is on and where content can be found – without restriction.
It’s also anticipated that content producers and distributors will benefit from additional consumer viewership – justifying higher advertising revenue.
When asked about how the company will create revenue from their free web tv service, Mobley was quick to point out, “How valuable is Google’s free search which points consumers to websites?” Additionally the company does offer newly released movies, mature content, and gamer memberships though partnered affiliates.

The launch of FreeCast’s comprehensive Personal Channel Guide comes at a time when Mobley believes the world now needs it the most. This holiday’s retail warehouses are stocked with low priced LCD TV’s which are now WiFi enabled, plus tablets, mobiles and media-ready PC’s. High-speed bandwidth is also much more common. “From the vast selection of quality content globally, to those cutting the cable cord to save money in a tight economy, University students in dorms, countries without cable infrastructure, or those ex-pats residing afar that want to stay in contact with their homeland programming, answers the call” says Mobley.
About William Mobley
Mobley’s experience would suggest he knows at least a few things about the Internet Television marketplace, having launched in 1999, which quickly grew to serving over 800,000+ streaming videos per day, while also partnering with several major studios’ content when the average modem speed was 56k-128K . All of this took place at a point in time when Yahoo was averaging 2M visitors per day, in comparison.