FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Plus has launched Select TV, a multiscreen streaming service.

FreeCast is making the service’s operating platform available to license, co-brand or white label, so that “virtually any company can offer a compelling entertainment package that monetises current trends towards over-the-top (OTT) video, rather than suffering from them,” it said. The company added that is already in talks with telcos, WISPs, regional cable providers and tech firms, some of whom are in line to launch their own services in partnership with FreeCast.
“Select TV is really the pinnacle of entertainment for the consumer,” said CEO William Mobley. “You can watch virtually everything with it, and you never pay a dime more than you have to. But what’s really exciting is that this is the first ever private-label TV solution. That’s huge, because if you have a cable or satellite TV provider that’s losing subscribers, or a rural telco that can’t offer traditional pay-TV, or even a start-up with a lot of users but not a lot of revenue, we’ve created a turnkey way for them to make money from the very trends that have otherwise been so disruptive.”
Devices will be able to access Select TV via the Web, but the platform will also be able to power media devices from streaming sticks to set-top boxes (STBs). The idea is to create an agnostic and universal interface through which viewers can access all types of content sources, including traditional pay-TV subscriptions, over-the-air broadcasts and Web-based video providers.
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