FreeCast has approached Android set-top box manufacturers to propose pre-loads of SelectTV or white label variants of the company’s set-top box UI. This initiative comes as another popular pre-load, the open-source Kodi (formerly XBMC) media player comes under fire for third-party plugins that enable content piracy. Device-makers that preload SelectTV onto their hardware will become affiliates, earning money for each user that signs up for the service, while those that opt for a co-branded or white label version of the service enjoy further revenue sharing opportunities.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained why he feels the time is right for manufacturers to ditch Kodi for SelectTV: “Consumers are dumping their cable and satellite subscriptions, so they need new hardware that can give them a complete media experience on their TV, and with the FCC’s latest proposal, the market for new set-top hardware is only going to grow. SelectTV has the potential to change a one-time sale into a recurring revenue opportunity, while satisfying users with legal access to all of the TV shows and movies they’d be able to see with a traditional cable subscription. Perhaps most important as lawsuits loom, it does this with no legal risk to manufacturers.”
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