Kill The Cable Bill – (June 15, 2018) – The point is that SelectTV makes it feel like you’re watching television again. Ask any cord cutter about what they miss about cable and most of them will say channel surfing; that little joy you get by seeing “what’s on.” You don’t get that same feeling browsing YouTube or binging but with SelectTV you do. And for that, it’s worth every single penny.

Online Movies, TV Shows, and Your Video Streaming Services – All Under One Roof

Searchable. Categorized. Easy to Navigate.
Cord Cutter TV GuideFrom games to movies, to TV shows, there’s no shortage of things to watch for free online. The only downside to having so much free content online is that it’s almost impossible to find what you are looking for, much less keep it organized.
Luckily for us, there’s a new streaming service that hopes to change all that, and it is called SelectTV. In the below article I will explain why at $3 a month (or $24 a year), SelectTV this is one of the most valuable tools online; and why all cord cutters need to at the very least, take it for a test drive.

How Select TV Works

What is Select TV

FreeCast has done it again! Born from the ashes of Rabbit TV, a clunkier dongle meant to aggregate free web content, SelectTV preserves the positives of its predecessor while moving forward towards the future of entertainment.
The first thing you need to realize about SelectTV is that, at its heart, it’s not really as streaming service as much as it is an online aggregator of video content. What I mean by that is SelectTV doesn’t create their own content, but rather it organizes existing content strewn across the internet into one convenient, easy to use interface.

Free vs. Premium Content

Content is generally split into two categories: free and premiumcontent. The free content generally consists of stuff that you can find online for free; such as free movies on YouTube or content on broadcast networks like CW or ABC. Imagine having all the content available on our Online TV Channels page, under one roof; searchable and categorized.
Much like with the free content, the premium stuff is a collection of paid or log-in required content; think rentals/purchases on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc..
Unlike Amazon Prime as an example, that intermingle both paid and free content in one big annoying list; SelectTV allows you to filter paid and free content based on what you want to see. Want to only look at the free stuff? No worries! Want to see a mix of the two? You’re covered.
As far as the paid content goes, it’s going to be more or less what you’ve come to expect from the internet. You can find and stream recent movies (like Batman vs. Superman) but, of course, you still have to pay for them

Free on SelectTV

SelectTV Overview
Now let’s talk about what kind of content you can expect from the free and paid sections of SelectTV; starting with my favorite section: the free one.
Searching for television and films is pretty simple with SelectTV. You can search for shows and movies based off of the name, genre, etc… Shows are also divided up by network, making it a little bit easier to find what it is you want.
Surprisingly, the free movies can range from the very recent releases (such as My Weekend with Marilyn) to the older, more obscure, films (such as the “classic” American Ninja II). Some of the movies are available on-demand and others are available via movie channels, which can easily be found via the search bar or side panel.

On-demand Shows

Within the free section of SelectTV, you get a huge selection of free television and movies from around the web. Television wise, you’ll be seeing a lot of on-demand network television shows. Usually, you’ll have access to the most recent five shows, give or take a few, depending on the network.
SelectTV On-demand

Live Streaming

Aside from the on-demand content, where the free section really shines, you also have the live-streaming category. We’re talking dozens of different local broadcast stations from not only the United States but also internationally.
While the idea of watching international broadcast television might not sound too engrossing; as someone who spent 3 hours watching a German baking shows while researching SelectTV, trust me when I say it’s a far more interesting prospect than it appears.
Live Streaming Channels SelectTV

SelectTV vs Sling & PS Vue

Furthermore, it’s important to note that while services like Sling TVand PlayStation Vue offer live local channels, they have nowhere near the selection that SelectTV has and it is doubtful that they will ever catch up. You could argue that Sling TV and PS Vue have more quality content, but both those services also cost significantly more.
It’s also worth mentioning that, by using the local channels available on SelectTV, some of you sports fans will be able to get around some of the blackouts issues. That alone makes SelectTV worth considering.

Curated Channels

You also get access to certain featured channels that are more like curated YouTube playlists than actual television channels, and they can range from the educational to the niche hobby topics (there’s a Learn Magic channel and it is amazing).

Price Shopping

One more thing that makes SelectTV special is that, unlike renting a movie through from a single streaming service, you can compare prices among all of the major video streaming providers before you make your decision.
Going back to Batman vs. Superman, for example, I can rent the film from iTunes for $14.99 OR I can save $5 and get the movie from the Amazon for $9.99. A penny saved is a penny earned and an informed consumer will always be a happier one.

Cord Cutter’s TV Guide

Probably my favorite part about SelectTV is that you can turn this service into a centralized hub for all of your streaming services. Have a Netflix subscription? Guess what? SelectTV integrates Netflix (and the other major streaming services like Hulu) into its platform.
Premium Services SelectTV
That means you don’t have to switch between services; you can watch it all from one convenient source.

Room for Improvement

Now that we’ve discussed all of the good things about SelectTV, it’s time to talk about one not-so-great feature (or lack thereof).

SelectTV does not offer a Roku App. They do however offer iOS and Android apps, and SelectTV is also accessible via a via a web browser. Both the iOS and Android App support streaming via ChromeCast, AirPlay, and other wireless means of connecting to a display (including Roku and Apple TV).

So if you have an HDMI cord running from your Laptop to your TV, or if you have Chromecast or some other casting device – this is not such a big deal. But if you are solely relying on Roku and have no additional devices for casting video to your television, you may need to buy some additional hardware.

Streaming on Multiple Screens

No need for multiple accounts. One account allows you to log on via multiple devices, so this is really a non-issue.

100% Legally Obtained Content

Often on my Stream TV Scams page, we discuss companies who are based in countries outside of US Law, and I urge my readers to be careful with their credit card numbers. This is not the case with SelectTV. They are located in Orlando, FL, everything they offer is 100% legal, and all the content they access is not protected by any copy-write laws.
Select TV

System Specifications

To fully appreciate all that SelecTV has to offer, they recommend that access the tool via Windows XP or greater, or through Mac v 10.6 or higher. To make sure you don’t experience choppy video playback, make sure your internet download speed is at least 1Mbps for SD and at least 2 Mbps for HD (test your speed). You should also make sure that you have updated Adobe FlashMicrosoft Silverlight, and Java to their newest versions.
May sound like a lot, but the reality is that these requirements match 95% of internet viewers already. So I would just suggest giving it a try and if you experience issues, revert back to this list to make sure you are covered.

SelectTV Review

All things considered, however SelectTV is still a wonderful service. What makes SelectTV so special isn’t necessarily the content , but rather how it is presented. The time it will save you is invaluable, and the convenience it provides simply makes being a cord cutter that much easier.
Sure, most of the content on SelectTV is free and can be found online, but that’s not the point.
The point is that SelectTV makes it feel like you’re watching television again. Ask any cord cutter about what they miss about cable and most of them will say channel surfing; that little joy you get by seeing “what’s on.” You don’t get that same feeling browsing YouTube or binging but with SelectTV you do. And for that, it’s worth every single penny.
SelectTV does not offer a Free Trial, but also do not require any contracts and it only costs $24 a year. So there is really no hurt in checking them out. Click here to get started.