FreeCast Inc Officially Launches The All New Rabbit TV Plus

Revamped Rabbit TV brings next generation television experience to new users and new devices worldwide.
In just 18 months, FreeCast Inc has reimagined television, and attracted over 3 million subscribers in the process. But that’s just the beginning according to the company, which is launching The All New Rabbit TV Plus today. The revamped service promises to pack even more entertainment options into a new simplified interface as Rabbit TV expands to reach new markets and devices.
The All New Rabbit TV Plus no longer requires the familiar USB device, and in the past months subscribers have been transitioned to the new web-based system, making the service accessible from any computer or mobile device. The new user-friendly interface is optimized for Windows 8, with mobile apps available for Android and iOS. Hundreds of live channels, both user-generated and from major providers, plus personalization options, and global channels from over 150 countries join thousands of movies, TV shows, radio stations, live events, music, games, pay-per-view sources, premium content, and so much more in the world’s largest online media guide.
CEO William Mobley spoke enthusiastically about the product’s launch and the company’s plans: “The tremendous growth that we’ve enjoyed in such a short time is an affirmation that we’re on the right track, and that’s what drives this company not just to create the next generation television experience, but to bring that experience to everyone. That’s what we’ve done with Rabbit TV Plus. Being web-based and mobile-friendly means that users will be able to watch TV from anywhere, an essential feature in this age dominated by mobile devices. That will also allow us to bring the service worldwide in a couple of months.”
The improvements to the All New Rabbit TV Plus make it clear that the company intends to continue and accelerate its rapid pace of growth, paving the way for the next generation of television to reach more viewers on the devices where video viewing is growing fastest. In January of 2015, the New Rabbit TV Plus will make the leap to 140 countries, where these new features will be critical to its success.