CEO William Mobley says Paramount’s release of over 100 free movies via YouTube is a big win for consumers and for the entertainment industry.

Over 4 million subscribers to FreeCast’s web-based media guide, Rabbit TV Plus, are celebrating Paramount’s recent move to release over 100 free movies via YouTube, but perhaps most excited are FreeCast’s executives, who recognize the significance of this move in relation to larger shifts in the entertainment industry. Paramount’s newly-released movies have already been incorporated into FreeCast’s online media guide, as well as several new and existing streaming channels, available via Rabbit TV Plus as well as the company’s free Rabbit TV Lite Facebook app. Rabbit TV users can now watch these new quality movies for free. From high-action flicks like Missing in Action featuring Chuck Norris, to classics like Elvis’s performance in King Creole.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained how 4 million new viewers tuning in to Paramount’s films on Rabbit TV is a big development for the industry: “The consumer has been conditioned to watch TV a certain way, and that’s changing now. But it doesn’t mean that big media empires have to come completely undone. They just have to get a little more creative, and that’s exactly what we see Paramount doing. Plenty of studios have years, if not decades worth of content that consumers still love to see, but that they may not be fully utilizing. Now with internet video so widespread, that no longer has to be the case. Think of it like a web-based version of TV’s syndication.”
As cable subscriber numbers continue to dwindle and younger consumers eschew pay-TV, the new reality is that many consumers aren’t paying for TV, or at least not the way they use to. Bloated and overpriced cable bundles are often to blame, but as a veteran in the online video space, Mobley is adamant that there are other ways to monetize content. Rabbit TV was designed specifically to accommodate and maximize these growing opportunities for content producers to generate revenue.
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